Thursday, June 24, 2010

Women Who Love Too Much by Robin Norwood

I am reading a book by Robin Norwood that came out in 1985 and was #1 on the New York Times best seller list.  Here are some excerpts from the book that I found to be especially insightful when dealing with the subjects of addictions, depression, and codependency.

“Loving too much does not mean loving too many men, or falling in love too often, or having too great a depth of genuine love for another.  It means, in truth, obsessing about a man and calling that obsession love, allowing it to control your emotions and much of your behavior, realizing that it negatively influences your health and well-being, and yet finding yourself unable to let go.  It means measuring the degree of your love by the depth of your torment.”

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Listening to that 'lil voice ....

This post is from a very special friend of mine by the name of Shon Belcher who gave me permission to share this:

I have learned that if you ever ignore will regret it! I always follow his commands via "that lil voice in my head"...but one time I did not..I can't remember much about all the good I have done by obeying him and listening to the "lil voice"...but I can remember the one time that I did not listen to the lil voice...and it eats me up when I think about in GOD...even if you do not understand it!

Ohh.those of you who want to know what I did not do....God put it on me to give a family $100...a family that I did not know...the thought just flew in my mind and I was wondering where that came from...then he gave me opporunity by putting them along my path two times (right in front of my face they stood)....then my Nanny mentioned that family out of the blue during the same week because we were talking about how people have changed and she was talking about how there are a lot of good people in the world still...she went on to describe a time long ago when they had helped her when she had car troubles...and I still didnt do it...why not??? I was scared that I would offend them by presuming that they needed help.

You see, I dont like help...I am a private person..and I thought they would be offened if I showed up and said...hey here is $100 I thought you needed it...cause they were not well stupid of me...this happened about 8 years ago...and it bothers me that I was selfish and did not listen to God...I have not made the same mistake again!

The day before my Nanny passed last month...the Lord put it on me to go see her NOW!!! I was at work an hour away...with no leave time...and he keep telling me to leave NOW!! Man, I tried tried to fight it by saying that I could go after work...but he shut me down and would not allow me to think of anything but her...and I went to her as he commanded. That night she fell asleep and never woke up again. I got to spend the whole day before with her and when I showed up she said "Oh thank God you are here". (Okay, that makes me cry) She needed me for comfort...I needed her for the same. I got to talk with her and get another kiss....had I ignored that voice I would of missed all that....PRAISE GOD I listened!!!

I just wanted to share that...God has forgiven me for not obeying him...and he knows that I will not make that mistake again!!! God will not forsake us or lead us into danger if we just trust him...just trust him!!!! ~That was hard to admit and hard to share because I really dont want to...but God put it on me to do so~ Guess you needed to hear it. It may be a "little voice" but it comes from a BIG GOD!

Shon Belcher

Thank you Lord for the strength to share that...I know you have a reason! Please be with all those reading this and keep them safe and well...Amen