Friday, January 14, 2011

Light Up the Sky by The Afters

My E-Portfolio

Here is a link to my completed e-portfolio ... Vision for Ed Tech Leadership . This project took me approximately 6 weeks to complete although it includes the work and resources that I have accumulated since I began the Educational Technology Leadership program in August 2009. 

I have included a copy of the email from my professor Dr. Diane Mason below:

We have completed our assessment of your e-portfolio and comprehensive exam.

First, we want to commend you on your creative approach to your e-portfolio. We appreciate your efforts to create a positive, unique, e-portfolio reflective of your master's program work. In reviewing your e-portfolio, we just took off a few points for minimal references associated with your field-based activity reflections.

As for your comprehensive exam, we noticed there were a few APA, mechanical, grammar errors. Attached to this document is your comp exam with comments.

e-Portfolio= 590/600 points
Comprehensive Exam=385/400 points

Congratulations! You have officially completed the internship course!

We wish you the best!

Dr. Mason

Diane R. Mason, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Educational Leadership
Lamar University