Monday, August 24, 2009

For the Women .... Are you a Mary or a Martha?

Every church desperately needs some Marys. We need them to pray for our children, to put passion in our worship, to write songs of praise and sing songs of glory, to kneel and weep and lift their hands and pray. We need them because we tend to forget how much God loves worship. Marys do not forget! To sit at his feet and spend time with Him.

Mary's need to remember that service is worship!

Marthas need to remember that worship is service.

EVERY church needs Marthas, the Energizer bunnies of the church. They keep going and going and going. They store strength like a camel stores water. They don’t seek the spotlight, they don’t live off applause. That doesn’t mean they don’t need it. They just aren’t addicted to it. Praise the Lord for Marthas! We don’t appreciate Martha’s until a Martha is missing. Martha’s, we appreciate you very much!

from Cast of Characters by Max Lucado

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