Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bella's puppies

We went to Teague this past weekend to celebrate Jack’s dad’s 80th birthday. It was quite a reception with probably over 150 people in attendance. Lawren drove to Matt and Shelbea’s on Friday night to stay with them and drive over to the birthday party in Teague.

One of the reasons she wanted to go see Matt and Shelbea is because the dog that she adopted from Wal-Mart, Bella, had puppies. Lawren brought Bella home from Wal-Mart where she had been with Catie Snow. Bella is a border collie / lab mix and has a precious personality. I immediately said “No, we can’t keep her, but Lawren’s dad, being the softy that he is, agreed to let her stay. Well, when Bella outgrew her ability to stay indoors and then spent her days tearing up anything and everything that wasn’t nailed down in the back yard, we finally had to put our foot down and say “This dog has got to go!”

So, when Matt and Shelbea were down they agreed that Bella could come and enjoy the country life with them. Lawren had taken Bella in her car to Carthage to live and was really sad about having to leave her. She even said “If something happens to her, don’t even bother to tell me” because she couldn't bear the thought. Matt made the statement when she arrived that it wouldn’t be long before they would be having a litter of pups, since Matt has two other dogs that live on his place.

Well, sure enough, the week before the birthday party, we get a call saying that Bella has indeed had puppies. Nine of them! But only five lived. So when Lawren made the trip this past weekend to Matt and Shelbea’s, she was anxious to see Bella’s pups. Now, Bella had dug a deep hole in the barn and the pups were way back in the hole, so when Eli took Lawren out to see them, she couldn’t get a peek at them. But lo and behold! Here comes Bella who crawls into the hole and scootches (is that a word?) way back in the hole and pushes the puppies out to the front of the hole so Lawren can see them. She looks up at Lawren like, “See what I did? Didn’t I do good?” Lawren said she had tears in her eyes because she was so happy. Don’t let anyone tell you that animals cannot communicate. A picture is worth a thousand words!

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