Monday, November 7, 2011

Clyde Annandale

Our church had the privilege this past Sunday of having an international performer and biblical dramatist Clyde Annandale from Kenesaw, Georgia.  Clyde did a presentation of King David in the morning service that was not only inspirational but humorous as well.  Clyde spent 3 years in Israel doing research for his presentations and he masterfully portrays 52 distinct characters ranging from his well-known one-eyed seaman to Jesus in the Upper Room.  His work has taken him far and wide.  He even performed for the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu at the 50th anniversary of the statehood of Israel.  He also portrayed Jesus before the Mayor of Jerusalem and 5000 of his friends in the Jerusalem Convention Center.

Clyde involves the audience in his dramatizations. Here he is pictured with Lawren as Mary Magdalene.

Clyde exhibits a bold zest for life and willingness to share the gift of himself with others. His smile is contagious to everyone around him.

Clyde as he prepares to deliver his second performance of the day .... the greatest sermon ever preached ... the Sermon on the Mount.

A close friend, Joe Rayburn and his wife Lu, seemed to make a real connection with Clyde.  Joe was invited and agreed to return for the Sunday evening performance to play the role of Caiaphas. 

So good to see a church full of people and the praise and worship was awesome !!

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