Monday, January 25, 2010

Show them God by Mandy Teer

Mandy is a friend of mine who was a part of my son Andy's youth group. She is a very remarkable, Godly, young woman and I very proudly share her thoughts here with her permission.

"God has placed something on my heart, that I feel I must share...Over the past few days I've had some rough and emotional days.
A family member of mine has been sick, and it has been an emotional and at times scary. One night I was driving home from the hospital, and of course I had a very heavy heart. I was really feeling down and hurting. As I looked out my window, I saw a crowd of people at a local restaurant who were laughing and having a good time. To me it looked as if they're lives were going pretty good. In that moment God taught me a lesson! Here I am hurting, and here these people are having a good time. These people had no idea I was hurting. The message God told me was how many times do you run into people during the day that are hurting, but you don't know about? I can imagine TONS of people. We never know what others are going through. We never know the burdens or the heartache the people we come into contact are facing. God showed me in that moment, that I need to show more love. Maybe that means when the cashier at walmart is grumpy, Show love because deep down the cashier could be carrying a bigger burden than I can imagine. Or maybe it means to be more patient with rude or mean people I come into contact with because deep down, they really are just hurting. For many people we, as christians, are the only love people see. So why not show them the love God has shown us? I don't know if any of this makes any sense, but to me it's a lesson God has taught me. Just like those people had no idea how bad I was hurting, I have no idea what's going on with the people I come into contact with. Show love, be more patient, but most of all show them God!"

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  1. thanks Pam!! i didn't realize you had this blog! i'll be coming back to read your posts :)