Thursday, August 25, 2011

Prayer of Blessing

Oh my Chaddaseh, beautiful flower of my fields of glory. Don't you see how much I love you. I see the writings on your heart and I see the love you have for me, and also the fear you have when it comes to the things I've set aside for you in order to show you my glory

It's ok to not understand, and it's ok to stand back and ask if it is really me speaking. That's why I gave you the free will that you you can come to me, ask me and see the realization of why I love you

Trust me, my Chaddaseh...I am calling you to something so much beyond what you know...a Pastor's Wife is a calling that I've given you, but you know that my anointing goes much deeper

You know that my love for you and trust in what you see and hear and know are much deeper

You may not know it all yet, but that's the fun in it all...

I get to watch as you grow, and a baby who learns to walk...I am there to grab you as you fall

and to hold you as you cry

As you look in the mirror, you know you see something growing in you...a ministry that is waiting to be birthed

Yes, it's the 9th month of this birthing process and though you aren't quite sure how to take it, I am giving you this special thing to care for

This ministry that only you can understand...that's why I have given it to YOU

I pruned you, Chaddaseh, in the garden of my glory that you would be ready for this

and I know that I made the right choice, because I made all that is good, says the Lord.

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