Friday, September 17, 2010

Multimedia Week 4: PSA Production

Our PSA team met again last night on to discuss the progress of our group project.  There were 4 members present and this time each member was able to get their video and mics working.  The meeting lasted about 30 minutes and we offered suggestions to improved the video and it was determined that some of the video shots needed to be redone and a few revisions made to the script and narration. 

Emily P. did a great job in videotaping her daughter and Michael A. did a great job of editing the video clips together. You can view the rough draft of our PSA project by going to the following link:    EDLD 5363 Google Site

We decided that Emily P. would retake an over the shoulder shot of Natalie on the computer, coming out of the school and the narration at the end. Emily W. will put the week 5 assignment on Google Docs and update it with the revisions to the proposal, script outline, narration, and shot list, with the changes from the Google site. Pam C. will update the Google Site with the changes that were agreed upon. We also agreed that Pam would attend the class video conference tomorrow night and report back to the group. One question we had was to submit proof that we are collaborating on the PSA project through using this Google Site.

Using the Google site to record our comments and changes has been an invaluable tool to enable us to collaborate together on this project.  Our team is spread across the state of Texas and we work different hours and have varying family schedules so the Google site and schedule has served to keep the project on track and meeting our required deadlines.  I received my grade back today on the Pre-Production work that our team completed last week and we received a score of 100.  Yayyyy Team 4 !!!!!

Another thing that I am pretty excited about this week is that I learned to do screen capture using CamStudio which is an Open Source (free) application.  Being able to do screen capturing will allow me to create some tutorials to use on our program website and also create some personal projects.  I also practiced adding video files to Windows Movie Maker and became really excited about working with video and audio files to create a movie.  Less than 2 weeks ago I was talking about how fearful I was of working with video files and multimedia.  (See post dated Sept. 2nd) What a difference having a little inspiration and the right tools can make!  Multimedia rocks!!!!

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